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Windows 10 Product Key

Are you looking for Windows 10 Product Key which can help you to activate Windows 10 easily? Then you are on right place. We are sharing list Windows 10 Activation Key for free for you.

#1 What is Windows 10?

Windows 10 is a Microsoft product which helps the user to perform tasks on a laptop or desktop. Since the beginning, Microsoft continues working to provide the more flexible and effortless features to the user to make their work easy on PC. After launching a series of Windows Operating System, the company launched the trending OS i.e. Windows 10 or Win 10 worldwide on July 29, 2015. The user can access the full feature by purchasing Windows 10 Product Key from its official website or a nearby retail shop.

#2 How to Upgrade to Windows 10?

Assuming that you are an existing Windows OS user and having the older version of OS installed in your computer such as Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 or other.
Here is the process to follow to upgrade your computer with Windows 10

• Connect your PC with a good speed internet connection
• Download Windows 10 Media Creation Tool from its Official Website
• After completing the downloading process, open the folder containing this Win 10 Media Creation Tool
• Click on the file to begin the installation process
• It will ask to accept the license terms. You need to accept it before proceeding the next step
• In the next page, it will ask ‘What do you want to do’. You need to select the radio button given beside ‘Upgrade this PC now’ followed by the Next button
• In the next window, it will ask to start from scratch or continue with an existing file. Please choose the option as per your preferences followed by the Next key
• In the next step, you will have to click the Install button given at the bottom of the screen
• Just after clicking to the Install button, the Windows 10 up-gradation process will be started. Here you need to wait till the process get completed
• After finishing the installation, Open settings by pressing Win+I keys at a time
• Next, you need to click on Update and Security
• Again, click on the Activation tab given at the left menu list of the opened window
• If you had already installed and activated your previous version of OS, then nothing to do here. Else you can choose the Activate or Change Product Key option to Activate Windows 10 with a new

#3 Windows 10 Product Key 2020

However, if you want to install a fresh Windows 10 operating system from scratch to upgrade your computer with Windows 10, then follow the below process.

• Download a Windows 10 operating system zip file by searching on the internet. The file may be larger than 2GB
• Now insert an 8 GB Pen drive or with more space, to your computer
• Here you need to convert this Pen Drive to a bootable pen drive

#1 How to create a bootable Pen Drive

• Download a USB to ISO creator tool from internet
• Open and run the tool
• Select your Pen Drive which needs to make a bootable device
• Now browse the location of Windows 10 operating system file, which you just installed
• Begin the process to convert your OS ISO file to a bootable file. It may take some time.
• After finishing the conversion process, it will notify you.
• Now remove the Pen Drive after making it bootable
• Close everything and switch off your computer
• Connect your system with the charger in case of laptop
• Insert the bootable pen drive to the system and then switch on your computer
• Just after switching on the system, immediately press the bootable function key. It might work with F2, F4, F11 or other keys. The function key depends on the configuration of your PC manufacturer
• Now the system will start copying the file after following few onscreen processes.
• Wait for some time to complete the process and then follow the steps given above to activate your Windows 10 Operating System.

#4 Top 14 Best Features of Windows 10

With the time, Microsoft observes the user experience on the previous series of their Operating System and then launched the updated operating system i.e. Win 10 by removing the bugs and adding new features. Few of the easiest and most used features are here:-

1. To make your system more secure and safe, you can opt to login into your PC by entering a unique OTP sent to your mobile. To use the feature, you need to set up inside Account settings.
2. If you want to use File Explorer Windows in a dark mode, then go to Personalization section given under Settings and then update the Color section.
3. You can ping the preferred applications or file to quickly navigate by pinging it at Start Menu followed by pressing the Window key. You can also put your computer on Sleep or Hibernate by clicking on the Power button from here only.
4. Embedded Edge browser is faster to give the best internet browsing experience than other browsers. You can also customize the tile to quickly access web pages. The added news feed will help you to see the trending updates at a glance.
5. The new Cortana feature will amaze you by providing the information related to your query followed by the voice detection technique.
6. You can see all the active Windows at a glance by pressing Win+Tab keys on your keyboard. Press the same key again to toggle the action.
7. Action Center is listed with too many frequently used tools. You can manage brightness, location, projector etc. on a single click only.
8. Quickly connect to Wi-Fi by clicking the Action Center option from the toolbar, given besides the Time and date section.
9. If you are using a touchscreen laptop with the Windows 10 OS, it will easier to switch your display for the Tablet mode.
10. The feature of Xbox One & Console helpful to quickly watch the online shows, web series and more programs. It’s an amazing feature added by Microsoft especially for the game lover.
11. A shortcut key to open Control Panel with Win+I key will provide you with the quick navigation of frequently required actions.
12. You can enlarge the text and other things larger on your screen by using the customization feature of Ease to access tool followed by Win+I keys.
13. If you have opened any PDF or eBook in Microsoft Edge browser, you can use the option of Read Aloud to listen to the words written over there.
14. Quick access to Start Menu followed by right-clicking on Windows icon, will help you to open Control Panel, Device Manager, Power Options, Task Manager and more

#5 List of Windows 10 Product/Serial Keys 2020

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#7 Top 9 Methods for How to Activate Windows 10?

1. Use the pre-activated Windows 10 Operating System file
At the time of downloading Win 10 ISO file, search for pre-activated OS and then create a bootable device with the same file to install on your computer. In this method, you don’t need to dig for the product keys.

2. Upgrade Your Operating System
If you have already purchased a licensed version of Operating System, then you can simply upgrade it with Windows 10 OS. It won’t ask you to activate again.

3. Instantly Activate your Win 10 with a Latest Windows Products Keys
Search for Activate in your system and then click the Activate option came up in a new window. After following the on-screen process, you can go to the Store and buy a Windows 10 Product Key instantly to activate your Windows 10.

4. Activate Win 10 with Windows Loader
Search on the internet for Windows Loader tool and then download it. After finishing the process, run the Loader to activate your OS automatically.

5. Use KMS to Activate Win 10 Operating System
Key Management System is the abbreviation of KMS. The tool is being used for many years as a Windows Activator. You can also search it on the internet and download the tool to activate your Windows OS.

6. Use Microsoft Toolkit or the MS Toolkit to Activate Your Windows
One of the most common tool to activate your Win 10 OS. You can use this tool to activate other Microsoft products as well.

7. Use .Bat File to Activate Your Window with a Bunch of Code
Another way to activate Win 10 or other Windows OS is by using a .batch file. You can get the code easily on the internet by searching, “How to Activate Windows 10 using Bat File”.

8. Windows 10 Product Keys Finder
This is another trick to activate your Windows 10 to access the full features. There are many third-party tools available online which will help you generate a random Windows 10 Product key. And then you can try those keys one-by-one to activate your OS.

9. Use Windows 10 Product Key Free to activate the Windows Operating System
Another working way being used by a huge number of Windows lover to Activate Window 10. You can find some working Win 10 keys and then use as your Product Activation Tool. For your convenience, scroll down the page and try using the given product key to activate your Windows without paying a penny.

#8 Conclusion

Here, we have tried to help you with the most common query related to Windows 10 Operating System. Hope you have learned all the basic details related to Win 10 OS. Also, assuming that you have got success to use the full features of Windows 10 operating system by activating it with one of the methods or a serial key given above.
Would love to know, what did work for you. Please share your feedback & experience in the comment section below. It will help us to provide you with more informative and useful articles in the coming days.


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