KMSPico Activator Official Version 11 Download


KMSPico Activator Official Version Download

Hello Readers! We know, you have reached this page in search of the way to Get rid of Activate Windows 10 Watermark or register your other version of Windows and enjoy the full feature of the Operating System without purchasing its registration key. Right, Isn’t it?

Well, there is a free KMSPico tool to activate your Windows copy free of cost. We have elaborated everything related to the KMSPico for Windows 10 or another version of OS. You will get to know about the features, installation & activation process of the application. After reading this article till the end, you will be able to successfully register your Win 10 or other existing versions of OS in your PC. And above all, you don’t have to pay a single penny to remove the Windows Watermark on your screen and access the full feature of the Operating system.

#1 What is KMSPico?

KMSPico is a third party and an open-source free Windows and MS Office activation tool available online, which is an alternative of the Free Products Keys. It was created by the Team Daz developer (a well-known hacking expert) to help the people to activate the most used OS easily. The latest version of KMSPico tool is helpful to make your Windows 10 full version to access it’s all features. It also prevents you from seeing the annoying notification popped up on your screen containing the message to register your Windows.

#2 TOP 12 Features of KMSPico Activator

There are several features of using this free KMSPico Activator tool. Let’s see a list of 12 features below: –

i. One tool for 2 products activation, one is Windows and another is Microsoft Office Package.
ii. Auto-detect the product to activate on your system.
iii. The tool is supported by both the windows version i.e. 32-bit & 64-bit.
iv. Compatible for Windows 7 activation, Windows 8 Activation, Windows 8.1 Activation and another version.
v. Compatible for activating MS Office 2007, Microsoft Office 2010, MS Office 2013 and other versions.
vi. You can easily Download KMSPico from its official website totally Free. You don’t need to pay anything there.
vii. The official source claims to provide you with the 100% clear and viruses & Trojans free tool.
viii. The tool is 100% legal to use for students or personal use.
ix. You can activate a huge number of Windows Copy installed on computers or laptop.
x. You can activate several numbers of MS Office copies using KMSPico.
xi. Activate your copy without connecting your PC to the internet.
xii. The best alternatives of Windows 7 Licence Key, Windows 10 Licence Key, MS Office Licence Key and other versions of this software.

#3 How KMSPico Work?

Many software comes with the trial of a month or for a limited period and then it asks you to activate it to enjoy its full features. And Microsoft created the Windows operating system is one of that software which provides you with a trial of a month and then ask to register Windows.

Did you know, why they notify you to activate the copy after a certain period? Well! They have embedded an installation key file which is labelled with a duration. And then the message popped up on your screen once it meets the assigned duration.

Here, KMSPico, the best Windows activation tool help you to replace those installed activation key file with a volume key indirectly. You only have to run the program and then it will replace Microsoft’s server with KMS server to change the key in the background within a couple of minutes. And you will get rid of Activate Windows 10 Watermark till the program is installed and active in your computer.

#4 How to Download KMSPico for Free?

Whether you want to download free Windows Activator tool, KMSPico for Windows 10, or different versions, then go directly to Download KMSPico official website and choose the Windows version for which you want to use it. And then just click on the download button. It will start downloading the setup file immediately. You can use this tool for activating your MS Office also.

Besides, if you don’t want to keep installed files in your system then better to use Portable KMSPico Activator. You can run it directly to your computer and activate the installed software. The portable version is created on demand for those users who have still a doubt that the KMSPico contains malware or a virus program. When you will run the Portable KMS Pico, your antivirus won’t catch it as a virus because it won’t ask permission to install in your PC.

However, you can also search on Google for downloading the KMS Pico tool. But due to security concern, we will always recommend you to avoid getting it from any third party website. Because it may contain virus or malware which will inject some unwanted files in your system to hack the files or may work inappropriately.

#5 How to Install KMSPico?

Before proceeding to installation, make sure that you have already downloaded KMSPico Activator Official Version 11 in your system.
Steps to install KMSPico on your computer: –

• Open the file location where you have download the setup.
• Unzip the file by using a free or paid zip extractor tool.
• If it asks for the password, just enter this one
• Now disable the running antivirus in your system (if any).
• Open the unzipped file and run the setup file.
• Click on the Next button in the opened window.
• Now accept the License Agreement by selecting the radio button of “I accept the agreement” and then again click on the Next button.
• Further, choose the installation path by clicking on the Browse option. By default, it will choose to install inside C Drive.
• After that, wait for a few seconds to see the finishing installation bar.

#6 How to activate your Windows or Office in your computer?

• Open the KMSPico Windows Activator tool by clicking on the desktop icon.
• If you are a Windows 10 user, you can also press Win+S keys and then search for KMSPico and click on the correct option from the list to open the application.
• Once the program started, click on the featured Red Button.
• It will automatically fetch the required info and activate your Windows OS.

#7 KMSPico Supported Windows Versions

• Microsoft Windows 7
• Microsoft Windows Vista
• Microsoft Windows 8
• Microsoft Windows 8.1
• Microsoft Windows 10
• Windows Server 2008 & 2008R2 builds
• Windows Server 2012 & 2012R2 builds

#8 KMSPico Supported MS Office Versions

• MS Office 2016
• Office 365
• Office 2013
• Office 2010
• Office 2007

#9 5 Easiest Ways On How to Remove KMSPico

If you no longer want to keep the tool and looking for the ways to uninstall KMSPico for Windows 8.1 or other versions, then are multiple ways to remove it. Below are a few simple and free methods listed with steps to uninstall it permanently from your laptop or computer.

#1 Uninstall KMSPico from Control Panel

• Press the Windows key on your keyboard and search for Control Panel.
• You can also press Win+R keys and then enter Control Panel inside the run box.
• Once the CP opened, click on the Uninstall a Program link.
• Now scroll up and down to find the KMSPico in the list
• Then right-click on it and then choose to uninstall.

#2 Remove KMS Pico using Run Window

• Press Win+R keys together to open Run Window
• Now type appwiz.cpl inside the box and click on the OK button or hit Enter key.
• If will open the ‘Uninstall or change a program’ window.
• Just look for the KMSPico setup in the shown list and click on that.
• Then click on the Uninstall button shown at the upper part of the list.
• If it will ask for permission to uninstall then click on Yes button and your task is finished.

#3 Remove KMSPico Activator from Registry Files

• Open Run box by pressing Windows & R keys at a time.
• Now enter regedit inside the box and press Enter key on your keyboard.
• The command will open the Registry Editor Panel. Now Press Win+F keys together to open the find box.
• Enter KMSPico in the opened box and click on Find Next button.
• Wait for a few minutes, it will show you the list of searched result.
• If you find such files, then right-click on that and choose to delete.

#4 Boot Your Computer in Safe Mode to Uninstall KMSPico Windows Activator Tool

• If you are a Windows 8 or later version user, then press Win key and click on the Power option. After that, press and hold the Shift key and choose to Restart.
• After starting the PC, it shows a list to ‘Choose an Option’. Just click on Troubleshoot.
• After that, click on the ‘Advanced Options’ from the list.
• Further, choose ‘Startup Settings’.
• In the next step, click on the Restart button.
• Now it will show you the list to enter into Safe Mode. Just press the F5 key to choose ‘Enable Safe Mode with Networking’ option.
• If you are a Windows 7 user, switch on your computer and immediately press F8 button to open the Advanced Boot Option. And then click on the ‘’Safe Mode with Networking’ option from the list.

NOTE: If you can’t see the Advance boot options in the first attempt, then restart your Windows a couple of time and repeat the process.

• Once your system started into the Safe Mode, just open Task Manager by entering the command taskmgr inside the Run box.
• Navigate to the Process tab and look for the KMSPico files.
• If any such relevant files are showing there, just right-click on that and choose to End Task.
• After that, restart your Windows normally to continue your regular work.

#5 Remove KMSPico using Anti-Virus Software

• Install and run a highly trusted antivirus
• Now, perform a full scan of your PC
• After completing the scan process, you will get a list of software files which is caught as malware or theft in your system.
• If you can see the KMSPico in the list, just click on that and choose to delete or remove it from there.

However, if you have downloaded the tool from an unofficial website, then there are higher chances that it may have injected any Trojan or other malware files into your system. In this case, you can restore your system to the previous version or can install a fresh OS instead.

#10 FAQ – Key Management System Pico

#1 Does KMSPico Steal any Bank Details?

You might land to an unauthorized site in search of Free Products Keys for activating your PC. And then if you will download the KMSPico setup from there then due to containing hidden virus files, it may trap you and steal some important information from your computer such as Bank details.
So always prefer to download KMSPico from its official website to avoid such trouble.

#2 Does KMSPico is Chargeable?

The KMSPico Official is totally free and open-source utility to activate your Windows free of cost. Provided that you had downloaded the setup file from the authorized website.

#3 Is KMSPico Safe?

There is no harm in using an official KMSPico tool to activate your Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and other versions of operating system or the MS Office software. However, if you download the KMSPico from a third-party website, it may harm your computer and steal the data from there.

#4 Do I need the Internet to use KMSPico?

No! You never need the internet connection while activating MS Office or Windows using KMSPico. Because it creates a local server inside the OS file to execute the process for making a full version of the OS.

#5 Will it work if I uninstall KMSPico after activating my copy?

No! The simple reason is, if you will remove the setup then all the relevant files will be automatically deleted. And so, the tool will unable to perform its task due to losing the files.

#6 Can I update my Windows after using KMSPico for Windows 10?

Yes, you can update your Windows OS for checking the latest coming changes. It won’t affect your activated file at all. And will work smoothly without deleting your full version key created by KMS.

#7 My Windows is activated but still, I didn’t get rid of Activate Windows 10 Watermark on the screen.

Just restart your PC after running the KMSPico to properly save the executed functions. After that, it will neither display a notification to update your PC nor any trial version watermark will appear on your screen.

#8 I have already activated MS Office with a purchased licensed key. Will KMSPico interfere if I want to activate my Windows OS?

The KMSPico Activator firstly check the current status. If the program is already activated, it will keep it as it is. If not, then only it will start activating your software. So don’t need to worry about the activated tool with a purchase or the Free Products Keys.

#9 Is KMSPico a permanent activator or my windows will be deactivated after a few days?

By default, this tool extends your product expiry duration for 180 days. And then renew it by checking the status twice a day in the background. Likewise, it’s run in a loop to give you a lifetime activation provided that you have not uninstalled it from your computer.

#10 Is KMSPico is a virus which can harm my system?

No! It creates their KMS (Key Management System) server in your PC and Microsoft detects it as a virus. That’s because it is a third-party utility you put inside your OS file. When you will allow the KMSPico in Firewall protection, it won’t show you any threat or virus notifications.

#11 Do I need any additional License Key to activate my Windows?

No! If you are looking for Windows 7 Licence Key or other versions license key, then the KMSPico Activator is the best alternative because this software has own KMS to activate your copy.

#12 Is Portable KMSPico Activator better than a regular KMSPico Setup?

Both are the same thing. Only the difference is, the portable version of KMS Pico is a light weighted tool which doesn’t require to install in your system for activation. It can be executed directly by just opening or running the setup file.

#11 Conclusion

To sum up, KMSPico for Windows 10 is the best Windows activator which allows you to access all the new features which are only available with a paid version of Windows OS. Using a KMSPico Official setup, you can also activate your MS Office software to enjoy its full features. So don’t wait further and go with KMSPico for Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 7 or versions to activate and access the advanced features.


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